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How To Make Money With Twitter

This article will tell you how a microblog on Twitter can bring not only the joy of self-expression but also income.

1. Direct advertising

A common way of earning money with a Twitter account is to place advertisers’ ads. If you regularly read and retweet, then there surely will be companies that want to advertise their products and services on your blog. To analyze the effectiveness of advertising, namely the click through rate of tweets, you can use the Google Analytics service.

2. Profile image monetization

You can Make money on Twitter using the image of your profile (in other words, the background). Today, many advertisers are willing to pay money for placement ads in the background of popular accounts. So why not to support them in this and not give yourself an extra income?

3. Placement of pop-up ads

This is a method which you need to use professionally and carefully. Pop-up ads appearing in your tweets, can irritate readers, so be careful. Such earnings on Twitter will consist of payment for every 1,000 ad clicks.

4. Creating a brand

Running a commercial micro blog and making it popular, you can help your business reach new heights. For example, you can create a favorable image of the company and increase the level of trust in the target audience to find new customers. Do not miss the chance to expand the target audience.

5. Affiliate links

Twitter provides an opportunity to earn income from affiliate programs. This income will consist of payment for specific user actions on partner sites (registration, purchase, filling out forms, etc.). To be effective in this area you need to have a big audience of readers (and therefore – an interesting micro blog with popular topics and relevant tweets).

6. Useful contacts

At Twitter you can find progressive youth, solid businessmen, and influential politicians. People, who may have something to teach, promote the growth of your career, become sponsors – it is priceless.

Why is Twitter a great place to make money?

Earnings on Twitter can be obtained in different ways: direct selling services, for example, placing a paid advertisement, creating the image of the company, acquiring useful contacts, finding sponsors, developing a niche, and becoming a trendsetter.

You have the ability to convey information and advertising to a large number of people in the shortest possible time. Prompt release of information is also a big plus for those who create an account to make money. You can quickly get a response from the audience.

The Microblogging service is constantly evolving. You can always find a new way to earn income or to create something on your own that can become a popular trend.

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